Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shin Megami Tensei Could Save the J-RPG

Now hear me out here - I've been playing P3P to review for RPGFan and I am instantly reminded of what's missing from this generation's console RPGs: a good game full of J-RPG goodness. I miss characters that I am instantly attracted to and want to know more about. I don't think anybody could deny when they picked up Persona 3 that Junpei was all kinds of awesome, whether you loved or hated him - he made an impression on you. Lately, I feel starved. I can't think of any characters who have left an impression on me at all and that makes me sad. We can all argue everything was becoming cookie cutter from the stories to characters toward the end of the PS2 RPG era, but the thing is, Persona 3 came along like a breath of fresh air and totally turned the tables. I dunno about you, but it changed the standards I held my RPGs to - suddenly I wanted the full package, which included interesting characters, a story that drew me in from the get go, and a battle system that didn't try to hard to be complicated, yet still provided a challenge. Persona 3 hit the nail on the head.

So, you probably think I'm sitting here begging for a Persona 5 on the PS3, but that's wrong. Persona 4 proved to me that maybe a Persona game came just a little too soon after Persona 3, and thus, the magic that I experienced playing the first was gone. Even though Persona 4 improved on everything that was missing from Persona 3, it just wasn't as addicting for me. Do I want a Persona 5? Hell yes, but I want it come years from now, because only then do I think I can fully enjoy it. Plus, it'd have to be more innovative than Persona 3 & 4, which I think is a tricky task. Here's what I think: a new SMT game is just what we need to salvage the J-RPG love that we've lost since we made the console jump from the PS2. I can always count on SMT to be innovative, and honestly, I want a completely new SMT series to sink my teeth into - I want that dark story with those gosh darn lovable characters who just make the journey of playing the game just that much more worth taking. I only trust SMT to resuscitate the J-RPG love and to do it right. So, c'mon on SMT, give me a shocking story, a novel game, a game that exceeds my expectations. Pleaseeee, Shin Megami Tensei, you're J-RPGs only hope. The future depends on you. You could turn around this drought of less than stellar games we've received on this generation's consoles. You made one thing apparent when P3 came out, you can totally change the standards that we hold our RPGs to, and I think that's what we need now more than ever.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Well, after my first E3, I caught the writing bug. It couldn't have come at a better point in my life. I feel like this is the perfect time to go after things and really try to pursue a career in video game journalism. With that said, I kept asking myself - why on earth don't I have a blog? Perhaps, I didn't want another addiction. After all, I am a gamer. :-) But, no, it's time to join the blogging community. I'm going to devote this nifty blog to writing what I'm playing currently and including impressions throughout it. So keep your eyes peeled, and hopefully I'll have also some updates for you on some writing I'm working on here and there. Shameless self promotion: head on over to www.rpgfan.com. I just finished up some E3 coverage on the latest RPGs to come your way. I still have one more story left to write and then I'll be busy writing some previews and reviews. E3 was definitely a blast, but after hitting up Disney afterward, I am one sleepy girl. Hopefully, once I rest some great writing will come your way. Until then keep rocking out for those achievements and trophies and don't lose that gaming fever!