Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm getting tired of sequels and remakes....

Everything lately feels like it has been a sequel or remake. I understand both reasons for making them - if something catches on you don't want to abandon it, thus a sequel is born, and as for remakes, it gives those with nostalgia or those who haven't played the games a chance to experience them. However, lately, we just haven't seen much outside of these two areas. And I don't blame developers - creating games are expensive these days, especially for consoles. They don't want to waste their time and money making something that could potentially flop. But I miss the days of creativity, of trying something unique and new, and finding a new unexpected gem. It seems instead of trying anything new - developers just want to give us more of the same. They're afraid to break the mold and go against the grain...they're afraid to fail in this market.

I think the most difficult part of making a game these days is having it catch on. In this economy, gamers fear even more spending their hard earned dollars on the unknown. Like developers, I think we are afraid to take the chance. It can also be argued that whenever we do get something different, sales still tend to be down, despite how great the game is, and it makes developers feel like they wasted the effort. Well, I'd just like to say if I have to hear one more 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th in a series, I may need to scream. After a while, it all begins to feel the same - doesn't it? No matter how epic the first few games in a series seems to be, it does lose its appeal after awhile. And unless developers are able to spice things up, and even then you can only try to use so much spice to the same recipe, because sooner or later the flavor will be unappealing.

I guess, I want to be excited about a new game - one that isn't a sequel or a remake. I want something entirely novel. You know what game is looking pretty cool? Ghost Trick. I'm down with changing people's fates and having a presence even if I am ghost. Heavy Rain was also one of the most unique and intense experiences I've had with a game this year. My point is - these games are so far and few compared to the world of sequels and remakes. Honestly, I blame the economy. Developers and gamers just aren't able to shell out the cash like they used to on something isn't a "sure thing." Until things improve, I still see the future of gaming filled with a bunch of sequels and remakes. I'll yawn, but I'll play on secretly hoping I find more games that have the guts to do something new. I bet in another post, I could address how many pointless sequels and remakes, we've seen. I'll leave that for another post, but I bet you would all like that. Sorry this is a shorter post, I've been very busy lately reviewing (I'm not spoiling anything!), but wanted you to all know I did have some stuff that I needed to blog off of my mind. :-)

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