Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rune Factory Oceans...Hells Yeah!

I apologize for this blog entry being a little late, but this is something I couldn't not blog about...when I read about Rune Factory Oceans I jumped for joy! I was delighted, screamed, and cried a tears of joy on the inside. I'll be honest for me the Harvest Moon series has become a little stale, but the Rune Factory games have kept me hanging on. To be more exact, it was Rune Factory Frontier that completely revived my love and zest to farm (along with the whole monster killing). Rune Factory Frontier was my Game of the Year last year and it was an easy game to sink over 100 hours into if you wanted to, and the thing was you actually did. The game had an excellent cast of characters - versatile, eclectic, quirky - they made you want to leave your farm and socialize every day. Not to mention, the discoveries you had to uncover on your own. I felt like I was my own Sherlock Holmes constantly investigating every aspect of the land and uncovering new secrets all the time. So, if Rune Factory Oceans turns out to be even better than Rune Factory Frontier - I am going to be one happy camper.

Here's what's cool: exploring the game's oceans...there's a lot that they can do here and I'm interested to see how it will pan out. Details are still scarce, but it really makes me wonder if I'm going to have battles on the sea and whatnot, will I be exploring the ocean as far dungeons go? Another cool thing is exploring the game's ocean takes place on the back of a giant! Um, say what? Is the giant acting as your boat? Is he my pirate ship? It's just *that* crazy and quirky and I absolutely love it! The Rune Factory series isn't afraid to go big and do crazy things that are outside of the box, so I'm interested to see how this will pan out exactly. I mean, the giant can even move islands around. We all know how fond I am about being a pirate and this game just might combine enough of my favorite things to be a total win in my book!

So far, it's looking like there are a lot of possibilities with this game. I'm also happy to hear it will not only be on the Wii, but also on the PlayStation 3, which will support Move. I'm really tempted to try it for the PS3, just to get a different flavor. I don't own Move yet, but I'm guessing by the time this reaches the US I will. So the question is...are you as excited as I am? Do you think this will measure up to Rune Factory Frontier? I think Rune Factory Oceans will be a step up and I can't wait to see what it will bring!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where has all the respect gone? A mini rant!

Gaming competitively is sure to bring out the worst in a lot of people. People just can't stand to lose, especially when it's to an actual person. I love playing against people online because it makes me a better player. At the same time, others have ruined my experience gaming online. I rarely bring my headset into gaming, because people can't accept others being better than them. Suddenly if I get a kill - I'm the "stupid" one. I've learned to play the game the correct way and I'm sorry if I did something right and killed you - isn't that the point of the game?

However, there is one type of gamer that grinds my gears the most of all. And that would be those who take cheap shots and exploit certain features in games. This sentiment especially extends to those who play the game in ways that they aren't meant to be played. Sports games are notorious for this and I know I seem to bring NHL 11 into a lot of blogs, but I have to here. How many of you have had somebody dive across ice in ways that you know in real hockey would never be deemed acceptable? It's the sore losers - the ones who can't stand that you're winning who usually resort to this move of desperation. But you know what really kills me? It's when I'm actually getting my butt kicked. And by the way, if you are beating me by a large sum, no matter how tempted - I will not quit on you. You got me, fair and square, but I digress. When you're kicking my ass and you still use cheap tactics to win - what's the point? Can't you beat me on your own merit, you know, playing the game the way it was meant to be played? I don't scream at the TV too much during online matches, although, the occasional: "what the hell that was totally a penalty" does escape my mouth, I know people get really heated and intense. Have you ever wondered what is going on with the person on the other end of the screen you're playing against? I also can't help but wonder what happened to playing the game for the fun of it, to get better, to just enjoy playing...when did it become about being the best? When was winning the most important thing about playing other online? Online record? I really don't care. I'm concerned about being a better player. If you score on me because you have mad skills, I will applaud you. If I make a mistake defensively and you exploit that, props to you, I need to do better. In all this I've looked to get better, which is why it upsets me that others don't seem to do the same - it's more about the win than if you're gaining any experience.

But, perhaps, this is society in general. We hate to lose. I'll admit I'm so much more excited when I win matches than when I lose, but I don't let it dictate my life. I also sure as hell won't let it upset me so much that I let it compromise my gaming morals and resort to cheap tactics. And with all the naming calling and cheap shots, I still enter online matches. There's still something more satisfying about beating a real person than the computer. I know for a fact I become a better player when I player against others - I am always adjusting my strategy. And, maybe, I just have to be OK with those who feel the need to do anything for a win. Aren't those the gamers who are the most fun to beat? Bring it!