Friday, March 2, 2012

February Character of the Month

I have two words for you: Tear Grants.

A feisty, determined, kindhearted soul, Tear is one of the characters that absolutely made me love Tales of the Abyss... and that's exactly why I'm shining a spotlight on her. What I love so much about Tear is that she's written so realistically - she's the type of person who doesn't want to ask for help. Not only because she wants to prove to herself she can do it, but also because I think deep down she doesn't want to put anybody out. Tear tries to put on a front as you start the game, trying to encompass the heart of a soldier, but her past shows that she's damaged inside. Losing her parents as an infant, it's not hard to see its impact on Tear, and I like how Abyss does show that Tear is fighting many feelings. But where Tear really shines is that she perfectly exemplifies the human condition - she tries so hard to suppress her emotions, only to have them coming flooding back tenfold. But let's not take away from the fact that Tear is also one tough cookie; let's face it, she's willing to stand up to her brother - the only real family she ever had - all in the name of doing what's right. She's a noble girl, indeed.

And the best part of Tales of the Abyss is watching her let her guard down as her journey deepens with Luke. Honestly, their banter is one of the best parts of Tales of the Abyss. And what makes their dynamic so great is that they both started the game out with walls, and we slowly watch them disappear. It's like they both went on this personal journey of finding their true selves together. That's what makes their bond so genuine and what makes that scene at the end of the game really count. You know, when Tear finally breaks down with her true feelings. Yes, it pulls at the heart strings, but damn if it wasn't so realistically done. That simple whisper just says everything. So, Tear Grants, your heart, determination, growth, and will to fight, are only a fraction of why you're so great... a great part is that you have layers, and there's much more to you than what's on the surface.

Oh, and her love for Mieu? Now that's just icing on the cake. It's proof even the people with the hardest exteriors can be big softies on the inside. ;)

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